Monday, April 16, 2012

Frankenpolish attempt #1

Hi everyone!
Well my husband has decided that if he can't beat em join em :)
As many times as I've heard "Don't you already have a blue nail polish!!??" He's now joined the dark side lol
He has tried his hand at frankoning and this is the result, a very glittery jellyish purple.
I'm not sure what all went into this but I think for a first try and no knowledge of how to make a  frankenpolish its pretty nice. :)

Have you or anyone you know tried mixing up a polish?  How'd it turn out?


  1. That looks pretty! Anyway to blow up the picture a bit? I love all purples! Are there speckles of blue glitter in it?

    1. He said it was iridescent light purple/green glitter with some light blue iridescent glitter into a clearcoat with some purple acrylic pigment concentrate. He's attempted a few others, I will try to get pics up of those too, and unfortunatly I only have my cell phone for the pics, so they aren't the best :( Sorry